Notary Bonds

What is a Notary Bond?

A great deal of legal authority is put into the hands of notaries. In many states, every notary must purchase a notary bond in order to protect the public financially from the possibility of that notary’s future negligent mistakes or intentional misconduct.

Just like other surety bond types, notary bonds join three parties together in a legally binding contract:

  • The obligee is the government agency that requires the bond.
  • The principal is the notary that purchases the bond as a guarantee that obligations will be fulfilled dutifully.
  • The surety is the underwriter that provides the bond.

If a notary fails to perform his or her tasks as required by the bond’s terms, a claim can be made against the bond by the state and/or those harmed as a result of the notary’s actions. If this claim is valid, the bond amount can be used to reimburse the harmed parties, thereby protecting both consumers and the state from financial loss.

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License/Permit/Misc Bond Application