Used Car Dealer Bonds

What is a Used Car Dealer Bond?

Used car dealer bonds are a type of insurance that dealers must obtain before opening their business. The used car dealer bond protects customers against fraudulent or unethical actions by a dealer. The surety bond also assures the dealer is financially secure.  In cases where a customer is cheated by a dealer, used car dealer bonds will reimburse that customer.

In addition to the protection that a consumer receives from a used car dealer bond, they also find peace of mind knowing that a dealership has a surety bond in place. That surety bond means that a third party bonding company has reviewed that dealership’s financial information and endorsed them as a financially stable company.

If you’re in a need of this type of bond we’d like to help.  Complete the application below then email or fax it over to Bond Brokers for review:

License/Permit/Misc Bond Application