Miscellaneous Bonds


Miscellaneous bonds are typically purchased by companies and working professionals who need surety bonds for purposes unrelated to legal issues, construction projects or other contracted work. As such, most miscellaneous bond types are used to reinforce laws such as license and permit regulations. They’re generally less risky for insurance companies to underwrite than contract and court bonds, so they’re relatively easy for most individuals to qualify for.


How to Apply


We’ve listed some common miscellaneous bonds below.  Click on the desired link for an overview of the particular bond and an application. Then email your completed forms to Craig Sherman (craig@bondbrokersinc.com), Ted Sherman (ted@bondbrokersinc.com) or Judy Blaige (judy@bondbrokersinc.com) If you run into questions along the way don’t hesitate to contact Craig or Ted Sherman at (888) 488-BOND (2663).

Appeal Bonds
Collection Agency Bonds
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Detective Agency Bonds
Fidelity Bonds
Employment Agency Bonds
Fundraiser Bonds
ICC Broker Bonds
Insurance Producer Bonds
Injunction Bonds
Lottery Bonds
Liquor Tax Bonds
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