Service Bonds

What is a Service Bond?

Not every contractor has to build things, pave roads or lay water lines. Bond Brokers, Inc is very interested in your service contract performance bond needs. These performance bonds, like those for traditional “sticks and bricks” projects, guarantee that you will fulfill your contractual obligations as per the terms of your contract. Generally, this program is focused on manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers (supply contractors) who sell and install specific products or provide specific services.

Cleaning/Janitorial services
Educational services
Fuel suppliers
Healthcare services
Moving services
Security guard contracts
Snow Plow Contracts
Transportation services (busing)
Trash and debris removal
Window cleaning services




Ready to apply for a service bond?  Just download the appropriate form and provide us with the following documentation:

  • Supply or service contract
  • Proof of source of financing

Bonds Under $350K

Bonds Over $350K

Once completed, email your forms to Craig Sherman ( or Ted Sherman ( and we’ll respond as soon as possible.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Craig or Ted Sherman at (888) 488-BOND (2663) if you’d like to be personally acquainted with the commercial contract bond application process.